About Me

Hi, I'm Kim Tews. I'm a graduate from the Northwest School of Animal Massage and founded Curly Tail Pet Massage, LLC in 2016. I offer mobile canine massage therapy to dogs on the Northern Oregon Coast to help them relax, heal, and to maintain or improve their levels of health and wellbeing.

I grew up in Wisconsin and have always wanted a career working with animals. And ever since I was very young I've had a strong connection with dogs. When I was 7, I got the best surprise ever - my first dog, Kiley. He was a 7-year-old cocker spaniel and the best companion a girl could ask for to grow up with; he passed away on my 20th birthday.

Currently, I share my home with a husband and three dogs: Hugo, a cocker spaniel whom we rescued from the spcaLA when he was about 6months old and part of the reason why I became interested in animal massage. Gwen, a rescued pug from Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles who started my love for pugs. And Claudette, the model for my logo, the closest thing I'll have to a child, and a rescued pug from Pacific Pug Rescue that I've raised by hand since she was a day old.

In my spare time I'm an active volunteer with Pacific Pug Rescue and the Whale Watching Spoken Here® program.